On The Issues

“I’m asking for your support and vote this November 7th, 2023, so that I can continue working on your priorities. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the City of Tucker!”

A Safe & Connected Community

What We've Done
  • Improving pedestrian safety, such as building our very first section of the Tucker Trail Master Plan Segment 3A
  • Working on sidewalks, trails, enhanced street lighting
  • Sharing community concerns with Tucker Precinct DeKalb County Police Department and working to increase police presence in our community
Where We're Going
  • Working to connect Stone Mountain Park to Downtown Tucker by the end of our next term
  • Implementing our first Economic Strategic Plan
  • Adding street lighting throughout our district—this is a multi-agency project with City of Tucker, DPD and Tucker Summit CID

Parks & Greenspace

What We've Done
  • Protecting our natural areas, green space, and tree canopy while fulfilling the vision of our city’s Comprehensive Master Plan
  • Increasing greenspace and educational elements to our parks
  • Increasing amenities throughout our community such as adding benches, picnic tables, restrooms and playground spaces
Where We're Going
  • Working to add bathrooms in Peters Park
  • Adding community programming to our parks
  • Improving the tennis courts and infrastructure at Rosenfeld Park that were damaged by poor stormwater runoff
  • Adding educational amenities to Lord Park and a quiet contemplation zone next to Old Smoke Rise Creek to reflect the Lord family and the community’s requests 

Committed To Serving You

Proactive Communication
  • Working every day to engage with you and our neighbors
  • Meeting regularly in our community to listen to and address concerns and work to address crime and community improvement issues–Code Enforcement
  • Making sure your voice is heard by taking concerns to DeKalb County School Board regarding Old Smoke Rise Elementary School grounds
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strives always to be effective and efficient with your tax dollars
  •  Working with county government officials to make sure citzens get the most out of our resources